Cessna 180H Instrument Panel Upgrade – Before and After

Cessna 180H Panel

Before: Cessna 180H in the stock configuration.  After: Cessna 180H with Garmin G3X installed by Skyworld Avionics and new instrument panel overlays fabricated by Six Pack Aero.  Cessna 180 Instrument Panel Project Zach from SkyWorld Aviation reached out to us initially for a new set of instrument panels for their customer’s Cessna 180. The customer … Read more


Legacy XL Stationary Panel Garmin

The Cessna Owner Organization has featured Six Pack Aero on their website and in the February 2023 print issue of the Cessna Owner Magazine. Six Pack Aero, a two-person startup from Bellingham, Washington, has landed an STC to help owners of certain older Cessna 172 models upgrade their aircraft with modern avionics. The Legacy XL … Read more

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