The Cessna Owner Organization has featured Six Pack Aero on their website and in the February 2023 print issue of the Cessna Owner Magazine. 

Six Pack Aero, a two-person startup from Bellingham, Washington, has landed an STC to help owners of certain older Cessna 172 models upgrade their aircraft with modern avionics. The Legacy XL Stationary Panel Kit is a replacement stationary panel that offers a Cessna 172 panel upgrade solution to Cessna 172 E through M models that otherwise would be unable to fit 10-inch Primary Flight Displays or “six pack” layouts. 

Lyle Jansma and Elizabeth Gibbs started working on the idea several years ago and have been working with the FAA for two years to acquire the STC for their replacement stationary panel. Six Pack Aero’s STC starts with the 1964 172E model — which is what Gibbs called “the first model that is closest to a modern Cessna” — and carries through to the 1975 M Models, cutting off on serial number 17265484. Cessna made some modifications starting with the 1976 model year, creating enough room for the standard six-pack above the control yoke, making any modification to the stationary panel unnecessary on later models to fit a single 10-inch PFD. 

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