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We help Cessna 172 Skyhawk owners design and build their own instrument panel upgrades as “Owner Produced Parts” under FAA guidelines.

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From conception...

Custom instrument panel designs modeled using original Cessna stationary panels. We always ensure each design allows modern avionics to fit within the envelope of available space on each model. completion!

Following the FAA’s guidelines on Owner Produced Parts, approved designs are cut from aluminum, finished with powder coating, and option laser engraved markings for a clean, modern finish.

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Who we are

We are passionate about helping Cessna owners because we are Cessna owners too! Our 1971 Cessna 172L was in need of an upgrade when we bought it in February 2018. Our goal was to upgrade to a modern, TAA cockpit. This included some upgraded avionics and a new, all metal instrument panel overlay. 

The R&D

Quotes for new panels can get pretty expensive, and we knew there had to be an affordable option out there. We learned that we could design and build our own instrument panel as an Owner Produced Article. Under 14 CFR Article 21, Subpart A, paragraph 21.9 (5) articles may be produced by an owner or operator for maintaining or altering their own product.

How it all started

The first step for us was to locate a Stationary Panel (click HERE to learn more about Stationary Panels) to model from. Creating a model from the stationary panel reduced the amount of down time by allowing us to gather measurements and data. We then added some customizations, including a cutout for a pair of flush mounted Garmin G5’s. For the lower panel design, we incorporated features that allow for installation without removing the engine controls, saving time and money.

The end Result

For the finish, we chose powder coating for a durable finish that mimics the look of modern Cessna instrument panels. Required placards and a few custom labels were then laser etched into the powder coat revealing a contrasting color base coat for crisp, readable markings. Now our instrument panel is clean, modern, and durable – sure to last us many years to come.

It was time for a panel redesign in my ’82 Cessna 172P and I had heard from a few friends that they had received a ton of really valuable info from Lyle and Elizabeth over at Six Pack Aero, so I reached out to them. 

Their knowledge and input surpassed my expectations, saving me from making crucial mistakes which would have cost me time and money.

– BRice V.b.

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It is our goal to take our experience and help other Cessna owners upgrade their aircraft, so we welcome all inquiries and will reply as soon as we can.

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