Now Introducing the Legacy XL Panel System


At Six Pack Aero we are looking forward to the future and working toward affordable solutions to upgrade legacy Cessna 172’s with modern avionics. Our goal is to keep the most produced General Aviation aircraft relevant and updated for the next generations of pilots to come.

The Legacy XL Panel System is designed for Cessna 172 E through M models to create more volume in the instrument panel without compromising the structure of the aircraft. This provides a solution to convert legacy 172 models to standard six pack instrument layouts or to upgrade them to 10” glass cockpit displays.

This affordable solution is currently under FAA STC review and will solve an increasingly common problem that owners of older 172’s are facing. The Legacy XL Panel System will provide the ability for owners to install their dream avionics, or for flight schools to standardize panel layouts throughout their fleet.

Now taking reservations for installations beginning early 2023. Contact us to learn more.

1973 Cessna 172M Before

1973 Cessna 172M After